I have been fascinated with dolls since I was a child.  My family members would buy me teddy bears, Barbie dolls and baby dolls for birthdays and for other holidays.  My favourite doll was a Cabbage Patch Kid, she had brown yarn hair and came with the name “Arianna Louisa”.  I took that doll everywhere, I just loved her cute smile.

I am raising 6 children of my own, so it’s clear that I love babies!  When watching YouTube, I found a video of someone painting a reborn doll.  From then on, I’ve been fascinated with these works of art.  The thought that an artist can turn a vinyl sculpt into a realistic looking baby was exciting to watch.  I researched everything about “reborning” and jumped into the hobby right away.

I’ve been a Reborn Artist for 6 years and I will continue to enjoy this amazing art medium and its community for many years to come.

Dianne D.R.
Punkie Pie Babies


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