Changing and learning

I’ve made so huge changes in both my painting supplies and techniques and I love the progress!

I’ve been reveiving more requests for babies lately and I want to have some budget Babies available so I decided to start making some ready made dolls. I’ve been interested in cuddle babies so I think I’ll start making a few of those and post them up. I get a lot of requests for more affordable dolls. I think this will be the best compromise.

I will also be putting a few more products and packages together over the next couple of weeks.  I currently have 4 kits I will be painting and 3 more that are in line for final touches. Spring is here and I’ve been happily productive. I’ll update more soon!



New things

What a busy holiday, presents, food and children everywhere!  I have some new sculpts I just purchased.  As requested, I will be filming more reborn creation videos on my YouTube channel click here for the link to my latest YouTube video.

I’m in the process of recording the new sculpts I will be making over the next few weeks.

I still have a couple more babies for sale and more to come.

Stay tuned for the creation of Asriel (Asleep) by Jorja Pigott